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For commercial painting services in Pasco, WA & the Tri-Cities

There's no commercial painting job too big for Apex Painting LLC. We've worked with every type of business in the Tri-Cities, from tire shops to restaurants. Now we want to work with you.

Apex Painting works directly with business owners and construction contractors. Call our office in Pasco, Washington today for a commercial painting estimate.

We do interior and exterior painting work in Pasco, WA

We do interior and exterior painting work in Pasco, WA

Does your business location need a commercial painter? You should repaint your property if you want to:

  • Keep up appearances: Maintain your professional appearance with regular color touch-ups.
  • Complement a rebranding strategy: Show your customers the new you with a new color scheme.
  • Get an updated look without a renovation: Give the office a brand-new look without spending a fortune on a remodel.
Call Apex Painting today to schedule exterior and interior painting services in Pasco, WA.